VideoStudio X10: Where is my serial number for the SonicFire 6.0 bundled with VideoStudio X10

Sonic Fire Pro 6.0 is bundled with the Trial version of VideoStudio X10 and no serial number is required.


Sonic Fire Pro 6.0 plugin is included as a 21-Day Trial and can be purchased once the trial is over.


VideoStudio X10 installs the SonicFire Pro plugin as a separate entry further down in the app list:



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    Michael Dolibois

    Pinnacle Studio 20 includes the full version of Sonicfire 5.8 as did earlier versions of Corel Video Studio and Roxio Creator. Similarly, earlier Corel Studios included an assortment of Snoop Dog music. Now, the user must purchase these things. "Ultimate" has become an expensive joke.

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    Michael Dolibois Thanks for the Heads Up U Saved me some Money. 

    What's the difference between  Pinnacle Studio 20 & Corel Video Studio Ultimate X10?  They seem to be made or sold as the same thing or from the same people.

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    Kym Moulds

    I also would have expected a FREE and FULL version of this program to be bundled with Video Studio.  Not impressed.

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    I installed the ultimate version and there is no plugin for studio10 ultimate. So why bundle sonic pro 6 with the software. I am a registered user with sonic and own a lot of music from them. I used to use the pinnacle product and switched. I have the full install of 5.8 but smartsound doesnot support video studio. Whats up with that ?  what a joke.

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