Painter 2018: Welcome book shows as offline

The Welcome book can be found at launch or under Help -> Welcome
Inline image 1
The Welcome book shows as offline even though the user is connected to the internet
The options "What's New, Tutorials, Gallery and Get More" are disabled

Try closing the Welcome book by either the close button, pressing "Esc" or pressing"Enter" and reopening via Menu > Help > Welcome
It may require a few tries before it becomes available again.
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    The welcome book won't connect to the internet - showing offline.  First install of Corel Painter 2018 I could never access the Welcome Book.  After having to reinstall because of a computer issues, I was able to connect for all of one day but now it has reverted to showing offline so I cannot access the content there.  When I go to help to try and reload it, it momentarily shows content then goes into "offline" status. I have tried the suggestions above (going through the help menu) like 30 times a day and still no joy.


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