Roxio Toast 16 Pro: Where is my copy of WinZip® 6 for Mac

Included With the purchase of Roxio Toast 16 Pro is WinZip® 6 for Mac.

The installation file is embedded in the installation of Roxio Toast 16 Pro and it does not require a serial number.

Proceed to the complete installation of Roxio Toast 16 Pro and once completed, you will find your copy of WinZip® 6 for Mac

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    David Langer

    I have the same problem.  I uninstalled and re-installed 3x and do not see my WinZip application or installer.

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    Diane Sweet

    Hi David,

    Sorry to hear you are not able to find your copy of Winzip.

    First I would like to confirm that you do have a copy of Toast 16 Pro vs Toast 16 Titanium.

    With Toast 16 Pro, once the installation is completed, go to Applications and you should find the Winzip icon.

    If this is not working for you, please submit a support ticket at and a support specialist will be more than happy to help.


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