Roxio Toast 16 Pro: How do I activate my copy of WinZip® 6 for Mac

As you know WinZip® 6 installation files are included with the installation files of Roxio Toast 16 Pro

When launching WinZip® 6 for the first time, you may get the WinZip License Evaluation version instead of the License Registered Version .



In order to proceed with the WinZip® 6 registered license, you will need to launch Toast 16 Pro first and then WinZip® 6


This needs to be done only once. Any other times it will not be necessary to have Toast 16 Pro active since WinZip® 6 will be a registered license.


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    Günter Schwiebert

    When launching WinZip6 for the first time, I have got the win Zip Licence Evaluation version. I did not know that I had to open Toast 16 Pro first.

    Now I cannot get the registered license.

    What can I do?


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    Diane Sweet


    I did some tests and if you close this window, or close out of everything, then Launch Toast, then launch WinZip, you should get the registered version.

    Thank you

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    Günter Schwiebert

    @ Diane Swee, thank you for your answer

    May be your workaround will help if you launch WinZip for the first time.

    But after this it will not change the License Evaluation version.

    I have test it with another user account too; but this doesn't change anything.

    System: MacOS 10.13.1 German

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