How to convert a Movie Project to a Disc Project

It is possible to convert a Movie Project to a Disc Project. With the desired Movie Project open you can either select File > Create Disc Project from Movie while in the Movie Editor or you can click the Disc tab. If there is not a Disc project already open it will bring up the following dialog.

Convert 01.jpg

Click Yes to convert the project. The project will then open up in the Disc Editor.

If there is a Disc Project open, you can either close it and then click the Disc tab or just use the File > Create Disc Project from Movie method.

Alternately, you can also add an entire Movie Project or multiple Movie Projects to a single Disc Project. To accomplish this, open Movie Projects in a tab of the Compact Library. This will display your Movie Projects. To add the Movie Projects to the Disc project, just drag them from the Library to the Timeline.

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