How to install Avid Studio

You will see this screen when you put the disk in the drive. Or double click on the download. At this screen select Avid Studio to install the Program. This screen is also used to install the Avid Studio plug ins and Bonus Content.


This Window would let you choose the language.



These two windows will come up as you start the install. Please register.



The last pair of windows you will see as the install progresses hit next and accept the terms, then next again.


On this Window you can chose the location to install the program and content. We recommend the defaults. Hit next.


This screen is where you select if you want a desktop icon.


On this Screen, just hit install. You can hit back if you need to make any changes to the previous screens.



The last four Screens will be seen when you hit Install. Click on Finish when its done installing.


Now you will be prompted to install the plug-ins. Click on OK


Click on next


Accept the License Agreement and click next.


We recommend a Complete install, select that and Click next.


Click on install.



You will progress screen and the, this screen. Click Finish and your done.


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