How to use Markers in Studio

This document applies to Avid Studio and Studio 16.

Markers allow for an easy way to navigate to known points of a project. They can be especially useful on longer projects where it may be difficult to remember where a certain image or video clip is located. Markers in Studio are similar to previous Studio versions, with some improvements.

The Marker controls are located on the top-right corner of the timeline.


  • The colored button adds a new Marker.
  • The down arrow button opens the Marker Control Panel.

Click the Add Marker button to add a Marker at the current scrubber location (or press M). Once a marker is added and whenever a marker is selected, this button changes to a Delete Marker button.

After the Add Marker button is selected, the marker will appear on the timeline and the Marker Panel is opened automatically.

Here is the Marker Panel. It lists all markers in the project. In this panel you can:

1. Change the Maker name.

2. Change the Marker position on the timeline.

3. Change the Marker color.

4. Delete individual Markers.

5. Delete all Markers.

Here is a small example of a timeline with 3 Markers. Each was assigned a different color and name. Note that in this example the mouse was hovering over the middle (red) marker which was named “flowers”.

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