Library vs Compact Library

This document applies to Studio 16 and Avid Studio.

The Library is presented in two forms throughout Studio. 

1.     The  Library

2.     The Compact Library

Both the Library and Compact Library are really the same thing, they are just presented in different ways.

The Library

The main Library has its own tab dedicated to it. 

Lib 01.jpg

This version of the Library is full-screen and is dedicated to organizing content for use in Studio.

Lib 02.jpg


The Compact Library


The Compact Library is a smaller version of the Library that is presented in the Movie Editor, Disc Editor, and Title Editor.  For previous Studio users this is what you used to think of as the Album.  In most respects it is simply just a smaller version of the main Library, complete with all of the same content to be used in the various editors in Avid Studio/Studio 16.

Compact 01.jpg
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