Pinnacle Studio 15 and Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16 comparison

This chart details some of the key differences between Pinnacle Studio 15, Avid Studio, and Pinnacle Studio 16.

Note: The exact features offered by Pinnacle Studio 16 vary depending on the specific Studio 16 version. For a detailed list of features included with each Studio 16 version, see the Studio 16 version comparison FAQ.

Feature Description Pinnacle Studio 15 Avid Studio Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus / Ultimate
Motion Titler: Title animations with behaviors
Stop-motion capture
Updated export: YouTube HD / AVCHD Lite / MKV / QuickTime HD
Archive/Restore of projects and media files
Storyboard editing / Trim editor
Import and polish projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad
Library for media asset management, rating / tagging / collections
Media editor with corrections and expert editing modes
Sophisticated timeline editing (trimming, transition, fading, markers, keyframes, rubber-banding, etc.)
Dolby 5.1 native support (import / export)
Stereoscopic 3D editing w/ advanced NVIDIA 3D Vision support
50GB of cloud-based media and project access/transfer from Box
Ultra-fast editing with NVIDIA CUDA / Intel Quick Sync Video optimization
Master/source dual preview/ Customizable keyboard short-cuts
Expanded format support (AVCHD 2.0, FLV, AAC, Vorbis, etc.)


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