Pinnacle Studio 15 and Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16 comparison

This chart details some of the key differences between Pinnacle Studio 15, Avid Studio, and Pinnacle Studio 16.

Note: The exact features offered by Pinnacle Studio 16 vary depending on the specific Studio 16 version. For a detailed list of features included with each Studio 16 version, see the Studio 16 version comparison FAQ.

Feature Description Pinnacle Studio 15 Avid Studio Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus / Ultimate
Motion Titler: Title animations with behaviors
Stop-motion capture
Updated export: YouTube HD / AVCHD Lite / MKV / QuickTime HD
Archive/Restore of projects and media files
Storyboard editing / Trim editor
Import and polish projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad
Library for media asset management, rating / tagging / collections
Media editor with corrections and expert editing modes
Sophisticated timeline editing (trimming, transition, fading, markers, keyframes, rubber-banding, etc.)
Dolby 5.1 native support (import / export)
Stereoscopic 3D editing w/ advanced NVIDIA 3D Vision support
50GB of cloud-based media and project access/transfer from Box
Ultra-fast editing with NVIDIA CUDA / Intel Quick Sync Video optimization
Master/source dual preview/ Customizable keyboard short-cuts
Expanded format support (AVCHD 2.0, FLV, AAC, Vorbis, etc.)


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    My desktop, which Ican't use email has just reinstall pinnacle studio 15ultimate collection.  gave me instruction on registering on another computer (this one) and ask me to write in the activation key after I receive from here (registration)  I have not  receive an activation key, how do I do this?

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