Red Eye Correction does not seem to have an effect on the image

This document applies to Avid Studio and Studio 16.

In some cases it may appear that after applying the Red Eye Correction effect there is no actual change to the image. There a couple of possible causes for this:

Cause #1: The correction is not displayed due to quarter resolution preview.

It is likely that the effect is actually applied, but it is not visible due to the preview being quarter resolution. In this case there are a couple of options:

1. Switch preview to Full resolution. You can do this by going to Setup > Control Panel. In Control Panel select Preview and then change the Display-Quality pull-down to Full.

2. Ignore the fact that there is not a visible red eye change and export the project. The correction should be applied on the rendered product.

Cause #2: The Red Eye Correction box was drawn incorrectly.

Make sure that you selected both eyes in the same Red Eye correction box. If you draw a box around each eye individually, the effect may not work properly.

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