Using Studio 16 & Avid Studio to create a disc that loops

Although there is no specific feature in Studio to create a DVD that loops, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this effect.

Method 1:  Press repeat on your DVD Player. Not all DVD players will have this function. If your DVD player does not have this function or if you just want looping to be a characteristic of the disc, you can use method 2.

Method 2:  Create a DVD that will loop on its own.

To create a DVD that loops, you can make the entire project one big motion menu. This works because one characteristic of DVD menus is that they automatically loop. Here is a basic procedure to accomplish the effect.

Note:  This is limited to length of 15 minutes.  Any longer and the disc may fail to export.

1.     Create the desired project.

2.     Export the project as a DVD Compatible MPEG2 file.  Note the file name and location.  Also note the duration of the file.

3.     Export the project as an Audio file (wav or MP3).  Note the file name and location.

4.     Start a new disc project.

5.     Add a menu (any menu).

6.     Delete the contents of the menu in the Menu Editor.

7.     In the Compact Library in the Menu Editor, browse for the video file created in Step 2 and drag it to the Background Drop Zone.  (Note: this zone cannot play audio which is why step 3 and 9 are required)

8.     In the Background Aspect Ratio option select "Keep Aspect".

9.     In the Compact Library in the Menu Editor, browse for the audio file created in Step 3 and drag it to the Audio Drop Zone. 

10.  Add a button.  Move it to a corner of the editor and resize it so that it is very small.

11.  Adjust the duration of the menu so that it matches the length of the original file noted in Step 2.

12.  Click OK to exit the Menu Editor.

13.  Add a short video clip or photo to the timeline.  Adding the content should automatically set it as a chapter.  It doesn't matter what is added as it will never play.

14.  Export the disc.

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