Working with Audio in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio

This article applies to Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16/17 .

Studio allows you to easily control audio in your project.  This FAQ will describe the tools used to work with audio.  For a complete description of Timeline Audio Functions, see page 156 in the user manual.

Volume Keyframing

You can control the volume levels in the project using keyframes on video or audio clips.  To enable this ability, click the Volume Keyframing button on the timeline.

Audiofaq 01.jpg

Once enabled, you can left-click on the volume line to create keyframe nodes where the audio levels can be adjusted.

Audiofaq 02.jpg

Once the keyframe nodes are created you can individually raise or lower them to lower the volume the clip at the desired points.

Audiofaq 03.jpg

Note:  You can also add a keyframe by right-clicking on the volume line and selecting “Add Keyframe”. To remove a keyframe, right-click on a keyframe node and select “Delete Keyframe” or “Delete All Keyframes”.


Audio Mixer

You can use the Audio Mixer to control audio as well.  To begin, click the Audio Mixer button on the timeline.

Audiofaq 04.jpg

 This will then open the Audio Mixer for all tracks. 

The dial on the left in the red box adjusts the Master Volume of the entire track.

The dial on the right in the green box adjusts the Volume for the current position on the clip within the selected clip only.

Audiofaq 05.jpg

 The Audio Mixer also contains the 5.1 Surround/Stereo Panner tool.

Audiofaq 06.jpg

 Clicking that button opens the Panning and Keyframing interface.  This tool has options to select the following modes: 

1.     Center channel off

2.     5.1

3.     Dialog Mode

It also has tools to control the surround/panning keyframing using the controls at the bottom of the interface.

Audiofaq 07.jpg



Audio Effects

 To add an audio effect to a video or audio clip you can either double-click on the clip to open the Effects Editor or right-click on the clip and select “Open Effects Editor”.  The Effects Editor has options for: 

1.     Corrections

2.     Effects

Corrections include the following tools: Equalize, Compressor, Expander, De-Esser, and Noise Reduction.

Effects include additional effects such as Channel Tool, Grungelizer, and Reverb.

Each Correction or Effect is customizable with a wide array of settings.

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