Working with Transitions in Avid Studio & Studio 16

Adding a Transition

You can add a transition in several different ways:

1.     Click on the top left/top right corner of the clip and ‘fold back’ the corner.

2.     Drag a transition from the Compact Library to the timeline.

3.     Using right-click Send to timeline context menu command for assets in the Compact Library.

4.     With the transitions selected in the Compact Library, click the “Send or drag clip to timeline (B)” button in the preview window (or press the B button on your keyboard).

How to add a transition at a default length

To add a transition to a clip at the default duration, follow these steps: 

1.     Go to Setup > Control Panel and then select Project Settings.

2.     Set the desired duration in the “Default Duration for Transitions” field.  Click OK.

3.     Press the ALT key on your keyboard.

4.     With the ALT key held down, click on the transition and drag it from the Compact Library to the clip.

The transitions will be added with the set default duration.

Note:  In Studio 16, this is reversed.  Dragging a transitions adds it at the default length.  The ALT modifier allows you to add it at a dynamic length.

How to add the same transition to multiple clips at once

To add the same transition to multiple clips at once, follow these steps.

1.     Select all of the clips to which you want to add the transition.

2.     Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and drag the transition to one of the desired clips.

3.     The transition will add to all selected clips.

Tip:  If you hold down Shift + ALT at the same time and add a transition from the Compact Library, it will add to all selected clips at the default length.

Editing a Transition

To edit a transition, right-click on it from the timeline and select Transition > Edit. This command invokes a pop-up window, the basic transition editor. The transition duration can be set either here or using the adjustment pointer (when the mouse pointer is positioned near the vertical side of the transition rectangle, this adjustment pointer appears).

For a complete description of the Transitions functionality, see the user manual by clicking the Help Button (?) and selecting User Manual.  In the manual browse to Chapter 3 – The Movie Editor > Editing movies > Transitions.


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