Currently Supported Pinnacle Products

Corel supports the following Pinnacle products:

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio 20
Pinnacle Studio 19

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

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    I purchased Pinnacle studio 18 ultimate, but it does not dragged or contained vitascene, How can I fix it

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    Hans Juergen Friedrichs


    ich bin stinksauer ich kann mein Studio 18,5 nicht für Dolby 5.1 freischalten.

    Dier Verbindung meldet mir immer Fehler 401  Dies trifft auch fuer Videostudio15 zu. Ein Update auf Studio 19 kommt fuer  mich deshalb nicht in Frage.


    Mit freundlichen Gruß

    Edited by Hans Juergen Friedrichs
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    Arew László


    I bought Studio 19 Blu-ray plugin.

    I received email confirmation. What's next?


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    My pinnacle 18 ultimate no woks afrer intaled windows 10 .. what I need do?

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    Miltos Sakellariou

    I have Studio 10 and i use Windows 8 . I can't make the installation. Please i need help



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    Yuri Chev

    Я не могу активировать  MPEG-4 кодек для программы Pinacle Окончательный 15, хотя мне высланы ключи для активации. Я ввожу ключи активации, но каждый раз выходит ошибка (Error). Мне очень нужна ваша помощь, потому что уже более года не могу пользоваться программой .

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    Domonic Langdon

    You all seem so lucky.  I paid for 19 but could never use it as it doesn't work!  It does crash well though.  It won't even stay alive long enough to edit a video, and if it does it crashes every time I try to render and burn a disc.  I spent hours on the phone with support when I first bought it but gave up.  I have a home theater and happily still use 15.  Whoever invented the horrific interface for 19 should be banned from the industry!  15 is SO easy to use, and it WORKS!

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    Dan Curtis

    I have 11, 14, 16, 18.   Will not be upgrading to 20 until they fix the video import problem.

    Problem 1)   It is NOT  "Video Import",  the correct terminology is "Video Capture".   When I ask for support with "Video Import" it takes 3 or 4 days to make someone understand that I am trying to capture video with my camera via Pinnacle Studio.  The Tech Support can't figure out that I am talking about video capture, no matter what I explain to them.  Including the words "Video Capture". 

    Problem 2)  I am not importing a video clip. Pinnacle works reasonably well for that, except it does not always list every file in the folder.  :/

    Problem 3) When Pinnacle captures video, it seems to capture about *half* the frames. So a 1 minute video is 30 seconds long, because it is running at 2x, while the audio is running at 1x.  So the video ends with the last frame at :30, while the audio is cut off, at the halfway mark.

    Problem 4) Corel needs to stop hiring tech support from the halfway house.

    Problem 5) Corel needs to have actual tech support.

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    Delfina De Roque

    I got studio HD 15 put it on my new laptop it now asks for activation code but then won't give it to me and I can't use the program I'm so upset I phone pinnacle Cape Town they say they don't work on that programme anymore and must go online to get help WTF ☹️

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