How to add a Voice Over in Studio 16 and Avid Studio

This document applies to Studio 16 and Avid Studio.

This document will demonstrate how to add a Voice Over in Studio. To begin, click the Voice Over button on the top of the project Timeline.


Vo 01.jpg


This will open the Voice Over Tool.


Vo 02.jpg


This tool has several components.


A horizontal volume meter: This is the horizontal bar that goes from green to red. For best quality, try to keep the volume meter in the green.


A horizontal Recording Level adjustment: This is the adjustable horizontal bar. This is where you control the recorded volume level.


Mute All Audio: This option mutes all other audio in the project timeline when the voice-over recording is occurring. This option is selected by default.


Filename: In Avid Studio, each voice-over is saved as a unique audio file. You can type in a custom filename.


File Save Location: Since each voice-over is saved as a unique file, you also have control over where that file is saved. The default location is C:\Users\username\Music.


Once you have everything set the way you want it, click the Record (REC) button. The Record button will then count down from 3 to 1 and then start recording.


Vo 03.jpg

Once Recording has started, the button then turns to a Stop button. When the voice-over is finished, press Stop.


Vo 04.jpg


Once the recording has stopped, an option will be presented to choose whether or not to keep the recording. If you didnt like it and want to redo it, click No. If you think the recording was okay, click Yes.

The recording is then automatically added to the timeline.

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