Poor quality audio preview in Studio


This document applies to Studio 16 and Avid Studio.

There can be several causes for poor quality audio preview in the Studio. This FAQ will help to resolve most cases of this problem.

1. Minimum Requirements

Verify that the computer being used meets the minimum system requirements for Studio.

Click here for the system requirements for Studio 16.

Click here for the system requirements for Avid Studio.

2. Update Drivers

Make sure that you have the latest sound driver loaded from their manufacturer's websites.

Determine what sound card is on the system by checking in Device Manager.

To determine what Sound card is on the system, In Device Manager the sound card is displayed in the Sound, video and game controllers section. To determine the manufacturer and date of the sound card driver, double click on the sound card name. Now click the Driver tab and you will see all the driver information including Driver Provider and Driver Date.

Here you can find the link to common sound card manufacturer website that would have driver updates available:

Sound Blaster (SB) :

3. Direct X Diagnostic Tool

Go to the Windows START button and type in DXDIAG in the search window to run the DirectX Diagnostics Tool.

Check for any errors that may be displayed with the graphics card or sound card. To check for errors in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, check the Notes section in the various tabs of the tool. If there is a problem, it would make note of it in this section. If there is a problem, please contact the vendor of the device displaying the problem for assistance.

4. Background Processes

Make sure there are not too many extra background processes running that may interfere with Studio. Click here for the FAQ on how to do this.


5. Increase the Priority of Studio

In some cases it can be helpful to increase the priority of the Studio application in Windows. Here is how to do that:

  • With Studio open, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on the keyboard.
  • Select Start Task Manager.
  • Select the Processes tab.
  • Locate NGStudio.exe in the list.
  • Right-click on NGStudio.exe and select Set Priority.
  • In the Set Priority section, try selecting AboveNormal or High.
  • Once the change is made it will prompt a warning asking if you are sure you want to change the priority class. Select Yes to this. If there is any undesirable change, simply change the priority back to Normal.


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