What are Watch Folders and how are they used


This article applies to Avid Studio and Studio 16.

Watch Folders are an integral part of the Library and Studio. Basically they are pre-defined folders that constantly look for any new content that is added to them. If new content is found, it is automatically added to the Library.

By default, there are 6 locations that are preset as Watch Folders in Avid Studio.

1. C:\Users\Public\Pictures\

2. C:\Users\Public\Videos\

3. C:\Users\Public\Music\

4. C:\Users\username\Videos\

5. C:\Users\username\Music\

6. C:\Users\username\Pictures\

You can see what is currently set as a Watch Folder by selecting Setup > Control Panel. This opens the Control Panel options. As you can see from the below image, the default Watch Folders are set. Any content that is added to these folders will be added to the Library automatically.


It is easy to set additional folders on your hard drive as Watch Folders. To begin, click the Add Folder button.

Wf 02.jpg

This will bring up the Browse For Folder dialog. In this example, I want to set a folder called Spring Vacation as a Watch Folder. Select the folder and click OK.

Wf 03.jpg

The folder has now been set as a Watch Folder in Studio.

Wf 04.jpg

As you can see it is currently set to detect All Media (Video, Audio, and Pictures). I could click the button on the right to change it to a specific media type if I chose to. In this example it will be left as All Media.

Once this is set up, click Apply Changes.

Wf 05.jpg

As soon as you click Apply Changes, Avid Studio will begin to detect any media in the new Watch Folder. You will see content being added in the bottom right of the window.

Wf 06.jpg

Once you are have the Watch Folders set up how you like them, click OK to exit Control Panel. All media added to this folder in the future will be automatically added to the Library.


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