Activation of MediaOne Plus - Written Instructions


How to Activate MediaOne Plus when the product is already installed on my computer -

If you already have the product installed on your computer, you may use your serial/purchase key to activate the program.

  1. Open the product and then close it.
  2. You will get a dialog with a button titled "Activate now!"
  3. Click on Activate now!. The program should automatically be activated in a few seconds.
  4. You will get a confirmation asking if you would like to Save or Print your activation information. Choose your desired option.
    • If you get any errors or have problems activating the product online, follow the instructions below:
  1. Disconnect the computer from the internet (with dial up accounts, just disconnect the dial up connection. With broadband accounts, disable the network connection option by doing the following:
    a. Go to Start | Control Panel.
    b. Double click on Network connections (if in Category view, click on Network and Internet Connections, and then on Network connections on the following screen).
    c. Right click on the Local Area Connection icon and choose Disable.

If you have any problems with the above procedure, an alternate option is to physically disconnect the Network Interface Cable from either the back of the computer or the HUB that it is connected to.

  1. Launch and close product again
  2. Click the Activate now! button.
  3. Click on Phone Corel.
  4. You will be offered an Installation Code and your Key with a blank Activation Code field.
  5. Contact Technical Support
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