Activation of PhotoImpact X3 - Written Instructions

If your product trial launches with a launch window that gives you options to buy, activate, try, or access more information from here, you can use the following steps to unlock the product into the full version. To activate the software, you will need an 18 character unlock code, divided into two groups: XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX. If you do not have this code, you can purchase a copy from the "Buy" button that appears on your launch page.

Once you have the unlock code, click on the "Activate" button and enter the code into the window that appears. Once you have entered the code, click on activate to unlock your product. If successful, a dialog box will appear confirming that you have activated the program. Restart the program before using PhotoImpact X3.

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    Franciszka Pinkava

    PHOTOIMPACT DOES NOT LAUNCH ME TO BUY THIS PROGRAM I had to click through to find this far.

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    Engela Edwards

    I was trying to install PhotoImpact on a new laptop, (old laptop died).  I'd repurchased the program in 2012, and was hoping to just download the trial version, and use my old serial number to activate.  That doesn't work.

    But when trying to activate it says:  "Activation was unsuccessful.  Cannot connect to the server.  Please check your internet connection settings."

    I've been using PhotoImpact since version 5 in the 1990s.  

    I own Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Elements (the last version before they went to a subscription model).  So why use PhotoImpact a program that hasn't been updated for almost a decade?

    1. PhotoImpact does BOTH vector and raster in the SAME program.  I don't know of another program that does that.  2.  I've been using it for decades therefore I'm faster on it, so I can complete my project quickly.  3. The program works fine in Windows 10.  

    I am grateful that Corel has made the legacy program still available for purchase.    

    Since I couldn't use my old serial number to activate the program, I decided to just purchase the program again.  The "Buy" button in the trail version doesn't take you to the webpage to make that possible.  The link reroutes you to the page.   So even though you are not updating the software, you should update the links inside the trial version whenever you change your website, so that it still points to the correct location on your website.  

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    Jeff Farnese

    If your going to have activation codes, at least maintain the server !!!

    How do you want me to validate my purchase?????

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