Adding a Picture Frame to an Image in PaintShop Pro


Adding Picture Frames to Images using PaintShop Pro X4

Picture frames can give an impressive look which provides eye-catching final touches to your photos. You will be able to take advantage of this feature in Corel® PaintShop Pro. There are various forms of picture frames you can choose and add to your images. You can select from either a square or oval, modern to classic, mats or photo edges that are some examples of the many different styles.

To add a picture frame to an image:

1. Click the Image menu ▸ Picture Frame
The Picture Frame dialog box will appear.

2. Select a frame from the drop-list in the Picture Frame group box.

3. Try any of the following options in the Orientation group box.

  • Frame canvas — sizes the frame to the canvas.
  • Frame current layer — sizes the frame to the current layer (which may have a different size than the canvas).
  • Frame inside of the image — re-sizes the frame to fit within the image canvas
  • Frame outside of the image — increases the canvas size to accommodate the frame.


4. You may select any of the following check boxes to enhance your project.

  • Flip frame — to reverse the frame along its horizontal axis
  • Mirror frame — to reverse the frame along its vertical axis
  • Rotate frame right — to rotate the frame clockwise when the image is taller than it is wide.

5. Click OK.

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