Blending Photos


Creating a photo blend requires little planning ahead. You need to have more than one picture to work with where the elements you wish to blend are different. It’s always best to use a tri-pod if you have one available, so that the backgrounds are identical, but you can create a photo blend with handheld shots as well. Photo Blend allows you to combine the best elements of several photos to make one single image where everyone looks their best.


What you will Learn

  • How to import several images into PaintShop Pro at one time.
  • How to combine a series of shots into a single photograph using the Photo Blend tool.

Select the Photos and Run Photo Blend

1. Start PaintShop Pro in the Manage tab and navigate to the folder where your images to blend are located.

2. Select the images you want to work on by clicking File > Photo Blend


3. The Photo Blend tool will open and load the images you selected.


4. If you shot your images using a hand-held camera, click the Align button. Auto-crop is optional and will keep the photo at the original size. If your shots were using a tri-pod, you don't need to align your photos.


5. Select one of the images that you want to use as the main body of the blended picture and use the Brush In brush to paint over the elements that you want to keep.


6. Use the Eraser to fine tune the brush in and out areas.


7. Use the Brush out brush to paint on the elements that you want to remove from all the other photos.


8. Elements you wish to keep from one picture will automatically be filled in as areas to remove in the remaining images you have selected.

9. Be sure to pay attention to shadows, if there are any shadows in your image you will need to include them in the areas you brush in or out of your project.

10. When you are done brushing click Process.

11. Review the results to make sure all the elements that you brushed in and out were processed correctly. You can always click Back to return to the Merge step and make adjustments.

12. You have a broad range of adjustment tools to crop, rotate and enhance your image. The tools are the same as found in the Adjust Tab so they will be familiar and easy to understand.


13. After making any adjustments click Save > Close to save the blended photo in any of PaintShop Pro’s many supported formats.


The resulting photos should looks this one.


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