Completely uninstalling and reinstalling - Photo Album 7


Use the following Instructions to uninstall, then reinstall Photo Album 7. These instructions provide a method that is much more thorough than using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

1.Click here to download the Corel_MSI_Cleanup_Utility.exe. Save this file to your Windows Desktop, then skip to step 7 below. NOTE: if you have problems getting the file downloaded, use the following instructions.

2. Open your Internet Browser. Remove the text in the address bar, and enter: (do not enter the http or www prior to the text).

3. Select the Pub folder, followed by the Installer folder.

4. Double click on the Corel_MSI_Cleanup_Utility.exe, then choose Save.

5. Change the location for the save to your Desktop.

6. Select Save.

7. When done downloading the file, browse to the desktop and launch the Corel_MSI_Cleanup_Utility.exe program
by clicking on it.

8. Under "Please select the Program you want to clean up", choose Photo Album 7. NOTE: This option will only be available if Photo Album 7 is currently installed.

9. Check the Zap Application/Module radio button.




10. Choose Clean and the utility will start the removal process for Photo Album 7. Note: The process will remove the product without a visible progress window (it will run in the background). The image files saved on your computer will not be moved, changed, or removed.




11. Press ok when the program removal process reports complete. Go back to step no. 7 for uninstalling Photo Album 7 Muvee and Corel Sharpcast Add-on.


12. Manually delete any remaining Photo Album 7 files at C:\Program Files\Corel or the location where you had Photo Album 7 previously installed (if you installed to a custom location).

13. Reinstall Photo Album 7 from your original Downloaded file or CD ROM.

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