Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Network Deployment Guide Part 2

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Stage 2: Creating the server image

After preparing for deployment, youre ready to create a server image of the software, from which you can install the software to the workstations. (If you want to support multiple installation types, you can even create a multiple server images: one for each desired configuration.)


Creating a server image. . . . . 3

Finalizing the server image . . . . . 4

Creating a server image

To create a server image, you run a command line that initializes the software setup and specifies your desired installation settings.

To run a command line

  1. On the Windows taskbar, do one of the following:
    1. Windows 7 or Windows VistaClick the Start button, and then click All ProgramsAccessories>Run.
    2. Windows XPClick Start>Run..
  2. Type the command line in the Open box, and then click OK.

To create a server image

1 Insert the installation disc into the DVD drive.

If the AutoRun screen opens, click Exit.

2 Run the following command line, where X: is the DVD drive.

X:\Setup.exe /a

3 Type your user name and serial number (with or without hyphens) in theboxes provided, and then clickNext.

The customer information that you provide is passed on to theworkstations when the software is deployed to the network. By default, users can change the user name but not the serial number.

4 Specify a network location for the server image. To change the default location, type a valid server path in the Network location box, or click Browse to browse to a valid network location.

5 If you want to allow workstations to detect and download product updates, enable the Product updates check box.

6 Click Install to begin copying the files to the server.

If you click Cancel, you are prompted whether to cancel creating theserver image. Cancelling rolls back the setup and undoes most of thechanges made; however, some manual clean-up may be required.

7 Click Finish.

You can also

Create a server image silently (or with limited UI) Use the following command line (where X: is the DVD drive, image_location is the desired location of the server image, and serial_number is the assigned serial number for the product):



SERIALNUMBER="serial_number" /a /q


The /q switch is used to restrict the amount of the user interface that appears during installation. For a list of the parameters that are available for this switch, see page 7.

Create an error log Use the following command line (where l g_file is the location and filename of the log file):

X:\Setup.exe /l "log_file" /a

For a list of the parameters that are available for the /l switch, see page 8.

Finalizing the server image

Before deploying from the server image, you may want to take the following steps.

Check for software updates

Check for software updates, and apply them to the image as necessary. This way, you can avoid having to deploy the software twice. For details, see page 14.

Test the image

Test the image with a small subset of workstations before rolling it out to your entire organization.

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