Corel Photo Album 6 removal instructions



Nearly any program will leave remnants behind when uninstalled. Use the following instructions to completely remove all portions of a Photo Album installation.

Before you begin the removal, please make sure that the application is not running on your system.

1. Click Here to download the file ZapPS.exe . When asked to run or save, please save this to your desktop.

2. When done downloading the file, browse to the location of the saved file. Double left-click on the icon to start the utility .

3. From the Product Drop-down menu, choose the version of Photo Album you’d like to uninstall.

4. Under Actions, add a checkmark next to all 4 options - Uninstall, Run MSI Zap, Remove Registry Keys, Remove Installed Files. If you have customized albums by adding soundtracks, arranging the display order of images, or if you have assigned Keywords, Titles, or Descriptions to your images, this process will automatically back up your database file for you so that this information will be retained.

5. Choose begin. The utility will begin to uninstall Photo Album. Then the utility will remove all other portions of the program. Note: The files you have created, edited or saved with Album will NOT be deleted, moved or changed.

6. Once the utility has removed the software, you may wish to delete the files used to install Photo Album. The location of the installation files is listed below. Use Start | My Computer to browse to the location. The installation files will only be present if you’ve installed a download version of the software.

Photo Album 6

C:\program files\corel\Corel Photo Album 6 – Installation Files

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