Crashing problems

If you have SP2 of Windows XP, PhotoImpact 12 may crash if Windowsdetects or miss-interprets the code being run by PhotoImpactasmalicious. The following procedurewill correct this problem:

  1. Open "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu;
  2. Double-click or open "System" (in Classic View). This will open the "System Properties" dialog box. You can also open the "System Properties" dialog box by right clicking on "My Computer" then selecting "Properties";
  3. Go to the "Advanced" tab and click on the [Settings Settings] button under the "Performance" section;
  4. Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab;
  5. Choose the second option which is "Turn on DEP for all except...";
  6. If PhotoImpact is still not on the list, click on [Add Add] then browse for the PhotoImpact executable file from the "Program Files";
  7. Apply the changes then click "OK".
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