Creating a Print Template in Corel PaintShop Pro


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The following steps will explain how to create a custom Print Layout in Corel PaintShop Pro. These steps will apply to the current supported versions of PaintShop Pro as well as some previous versions also.

1. With PaintShop Pro open, click on Fileand then Print Layout
2. Add a picture to the layout page
3. Click on Yesfor the message "This image will not fit on the paper without scaling it".
4. Right click on the image again and select Resize
5. Select Actual / Print size
6. Add the dimensions and click OK- Dimensions will vary close to the size needed
*Multiple images may be added for a collage type effect*
7. Right click on the picture in the layout page and select cell placement
8. Click Fileand then Save Template
10. Do not add a checkmark to the Save with Images box
11. Give the template a name - Description is optional
12. Click OK
To retrieve the custom template:
1. Click File
2. Click Open Template
3. Go into User Defined
4. Select the custom template and click OK

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