How to capture internet audio with Creator 2010 2011


  1. In Roxio Home, select the Music Audio tab, and then select Capture Audio from Sound Card.
  • If a smaller, desktop widget opens, expand it to full mode by clicking the full mode icon (next to the Close icon) in the upper right corner.
  • If launching the Easy Audio Capture utility for the first time, you will need to follow these steps. You will only need to do this once:
    • Click the Options button to open the Capture Settings window.
    • In the Capture Settings window, click Save to on the left and choose a destination to save your recordings to. You can browse your computer or chose from the drop-down menu locations like "iTunes". You may also choose the type of audio format you want to save to.
    • Click OK save your settings and close the Capture Settings window.
  • Begin playing the source you want to record.
  • Click the red Record button, or return to widget mode and record from there. Be sure to keep the levels in the green to yellow area by adjusting the Recording Level slider. Levels that go into red, may be distorted after recording.
  • When you have finished recording your tracks, click the Stop button.
  • Creator will then scan your tracks to be tagged for song, album, and artist name if you were from recording intenet radio. If tags are recognized and you selected to move the files to iTunes, they will automatically be added to your music library or iTunes playlist, tagged with title, artist, genre and other track information.


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