Distorted sound when using Game Capture

There are a few steps that can be done to correct distorted audio in your captured games:

  • The majority of distorted sound issues have been addressed in Game capture Service Pack 1. You can download it from our Software Updates page here.
  • Recording volume can be adjusted by right clicking on the audio volume on the system tray. Choose Recording Devices and pick Roxio GameCap. Go to Properties and then adjust the audio level.
  • If you have Skype installed on your computer, the Roxio Game Capture's volume controls maybe affected. Launch Skype and lower its volume.
  • If you are still experiencing sound problems, try removing and reinstalling the Roxio Game Capture software. Before reinstalling, be sure that your Windows system is completely up to date and that your security/anti-virus software is temporarily disabled. When you do install the Game Capture software, also make sure that the USB device is plugged into your computer as well.
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