How to Increase or Decrease Line spacing in CorelDRAW X6

To increase or decrease the amount of space between lines or paragraphs in Corel Draw X6, the following method can be used:

1. Open a new blank document in CorelDRAW X6

2. Create a paragraph text box

3. Right click and choose "Insert Placeholder Text" (this would be an example if you do not have a paragraph to work with at the moment)

4. In the Text toolbar click on the "Text Properties" button or press Ctrl+T on your keyboard to open the Text Properties docker on the right.

5. Select a bunch of text from the paragraph box

6. In the Text Properties docker on the right, under "Paragraph" there should be a box with "100.0%" on the right hand side just beside a drop down list. When you place the mouse cursor over it, the description reads "Line Spacing"

7. Increase or decrease that number and you should then see that the selected text in your paragraph changes as the % changes.


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