Auto-Painting in Corel Painter 12


Auto-Painting in Corel® Painter 12

You don't have to be a professional painter to create a masterpiece in Painter 12. It only takes seconds to transform a photograph into a beautiful work of art that can be saved and even printed onto canvas at many local and online print-shops.

A video version of this tutorial can be found in the Discovery Center.

What you will Learn

  • How to use the Quick Clone tool
  • How to do an Auto-Painting from a cloned photograph
  • How to make touch-up’s to an Auto-Painting
  • How to sign your work
  • How to output your project to a single image

Preparing the Image

1. Open Painter 12 and close out of the welcome screen.
2. Go to File > Open and open the image that you will be working from.
3. When the image is open, go back to the File menu and select Quick Clone.

At first it will look as if the image has a tracing paper over top of it and in fact, that is what this layer is called. The Clone Source docker will also appear on the right side of the screen and display further information about this tool.

4. From the Window menu, select Auto-Painting Panels and then put a check mark in Underpainting. This will open the Auto-Painting docker in the Underpainting tab.

5. Select Saturate from the Photo Enhance drop-down list.

6. Click on Auto-Painting and then put a check mark in Smart Stroke Painting as well as Smart Settings.

7. Choose a brush from the Smart Strokes brush menu, in this example we will be using the Acrylics Captured Bristle brush.

8. To see the magic take place over a blank canvas, click on the Toggle Tracing Paper icon in the Clone Source docker to hide the background photo.

9. Click the play button in the Auto-Painting docker and watch as your image paints itself into a masterpiece.

10. When the Auto-Painting is complete you can make any small touch ups manually with the paint brush.

11. To sign your painting, select a pen from the Brush Libraries and you can also set a color that will blend well with the background of your painting.

Note: Signing can be very easy if you have access to a drawing tablet.

12. To add further saturation, go back to the Underpainting tab in the Auto-Painting docker and under Photo Enhance select Saturate. This will enhance the color further.

Paintings created this way can be saved and sent online or taken to taken in person to local print shops where they can be printed onto canvas for a look that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

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