Cant open recently-edited CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X5 files or files from previous CorelDRAW versions

1) I was editing a CorelDRAW file but now I can't open it any longer:

a) The size of the file is now a few Kb but it was previously larger.

b) The file is huge (several Mb), but when I launch it, I get a blank page.

c) I can see the file preview/thumbnail when I go to File | Open, but there's no way to open it.

2) I can't open files created with previous versions of the software.

If you are having one of the issues mentioned above, the file is probably corrupted.
When saving large files in CorelDRAW, a bar appears on the lower right-hand side of the program window showing the progress of the save.
Insufficient RAM and programs running on the background can cause file corruption if the saving process is suddenly interrupted.

You can try to recover the file by searching for the backup copy on the C drive.
If you want to know which folder CorelDRAW saved the backup file to, go to:

Tools -----> Options -----> Workspace ----> Save
Please select the option to Auto-backup every 5 minutes
If you select the option "Always Backup to: Users Temporary Folder", you can find your file here:

Start - Run (on XP) or Start Search (on Vista and Windows 7) - type %temp% and press the enter key.
Search this folder for a file with the name backup_of_(name of the file).cdr or search for the same file in the folder where the original file is stored.

N.B. If you create a new file the software will only create a backup when you save the file. Do not forget to save the file as soon as you start to work on it.

In some cases the software will also generate a temporary file. These files can be found in the folder in which the original file was stored or in the Temp folder (please follow the procedure as above: %temp%).

You can successfully restore a file from a temp file. These files will normally have a name like @@@CDRW.TMP. You just need to rename the file to @@@CDRW.cdr.
In order to rename these files in this way you need to be able to view the file extension.
In order to view the file extension please open a folder on your computer (for example, My Documents) and go to Tools, Folder Options; Click on the View tab and then in the Advanced settings select Show hidden files and folders. Then click on Apply and OK. In order to rename a file, do a right mouse-click on it and choose Rename.

You may also have difficulties opening a file from a previous version of CorelDRAW with CorelDRAW X5. When you double-click on it, nothing happens. In this case you can try to launch the program and go to File -----> Import. If it doesn't work and you still have the previous version, with which the file was created, you can try to launch the file with that previous version and afterwards go to File -----> Save as -----> Save as type and then select "CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange". Try to open the file in CorelDRAW X5 by going to File ----> Import.


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