WordPerfect Office: Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Wordperfect


Bold: Ctrl-B Center: Shift-F7
Copy: Ctrl-C Close: Ctrl-F4
Cut: Ctrl-X Date: Ctrl-D
Dictionary: Alt-Ctrl-F1 Document Map: Ctrl-Shift-M
Draft View: Ctrl-F5 Exit: Alt-F4
Find & Replace: F2 or Ctrl-F Find Next: Shift-F2
Find Previous: Alt-F2 Flush Right: Alt-F7
Font: F9 Generate: Ctrl-F9
Go To: Ctrl-G Grammatik: Alt-Shift-F1
Graphic box edit: Shift-F11 Graphic, insert from File: F11
Hard page: Ctrl-Shift-Enter Help: F1
Hide Bars: Alt-Shift-F5 Horizontal Line: Ctrl-F11
Indent: F7 Indent, double: Ctrl-Shift-F7
Indent, hanging: Ctrl-F7 Justify, left: Ctrl-L
Justify, right: Ctrl-R Justify, center: Ctrl-E
Justify, full: Ctrl-J Italics: Ctrl-I
Line, horizontal: Ctrl-F11 Line, vertical: Ctrl-Shift-F11
Macro Play: Alt-F10 Macro Record: Ctrl-F10
Margins: Ctrl-F8 Menu command: F10
Merge: Shift-F9 New: Ctrl-N
New Project: Ctrl-Shift-N Next Doc: Ctrl-F6
Open: F4 or Ctrl-O Page View: Alt-F5
Paste: Ctrl-V Paste Simple: *Ctrl-Alt-V
PDF publish: Alt-P Print: F5 or Ctrl-P
Redo: Ctrl-Shift-Z Reveal Codes: Alt-F3
Replace: Ctrl-F2 Ruler (toggle): Alt-Shift-F3
Save: Shift-F3 or Ctrl-S Save As: F3
Select (toggle): F8 Settings: Alt-F12
Show(toggle): Ctrl-Shift-F3 Sort: Alt-F9
Speller: Ctrl-F1 Styles: Alt-F8
Symbol insert (WP chars): Ctrl-W Table, borders: Shift-F12
Table, create: F12 Table, format: Ctrl-F12
Table, quickfill: Ctrl-Shift-F12 Table, quicksum: Ctrl-=
Template: Ctrl-T Thesaurus: Alt-F1
Undo: Ctrl-Z View Draft: Ctrl-F5
View Page : Alt-F5  


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