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Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 Overview

In this tutorial, we walk you through the basic features of VideoStudio Pro X3. We explore the Capture step, Edit step (timeline, library, effects etc.) and end with a discussion on the Share step. We also cover the new features in this version.

Trimming Clips

The edit section is the heart of VideoStudio where you trim and split your video clips. In this episode, we show you the basics of manipulating video clips such as trimming from the front, back and the middle. We also cover precision trimming and stretching of clips.

Ripple Editing

In this episode, we show you how to keep your media assets located on your timeline in sync, when you modify or move the’ in’ and ‘out’ points of a clip. We show you how to shift all your other media assets (overlay clips, titles, audio etc.) in unison while modifying a given clip inside a VideoStudio Project.

Stop Motion

In this episode we show you an exciting animation technique called stop motion. You can get very creative with this technique in your home videos and bring inanimate objects to life. Simply stitch still frames together and play them in sequence on the timeline.

Video Through Titles

In this episode we show you an interesting variation on a titling technique. We show you how to create a title where the underlying video shows through the letters. Really nice effect!

‘Star Wars’-style Scrolling Title

The ‘Star Wars’-style scrolling title is probably one of the most requested titling effects. In this episode we show you how easy it is to create this title effect. The title scrolls across the screen into the horizon.

Chroma Key

The technique of filming in front of a green screen is known as green screen compositing. The technique of making the green background transparent is known as Chroma keying. We show you how to superimpose one video clip on top of another using Chroma keying and Masks.

Using Smart Package

In this episode we show you how to manage your project files. Smart Package allows you to automatically save your .VSP project and all the media assets you used within the project, in a single folder location. Smart Package is a great way to archive your projects and better organise your media assets.

Fun with Audio Filters

In this video tutorial, we have fun with sound and audio filters. We show you how to create chipmunk sounds, deep sounds, tunnel sounds and reverb sounds.

Painting Creator Basics

In this video tutorial, we introduce VideoStudio's Painting Creator tool. The Painting Creator lets you create still and animated paintings on top of your videos! Unleash your creativity with this amazing tool.

Movie Templates

In this episode, we show you how to create instant movies using VideoStudio's professionally-designed Movie and Effects templates. These templates come pre-built with studio-quality music, titles, transitions and real-time effects.

Correcting Colour and Brightness

We often have to shoot video in poor lighting conditions. This effects video quality resulting in poor colour and footage which is either too bright or too dull. Using a demo .VSP project, we show you how to correct minor exposure problems to address these issues.

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