Error message The video analysis must be executed again appears in previews and in finished videos

When using the Prodad Mercalli filter in the Ultimate versions of VideoStudio Pro, an error message "The video analysis must be executed again" appears in previews and in finished videos.

You will need to analyse your video with Prodad Mercalli to remove this message.

To do this, click on the video clip that you have applied the Prodad Mercalli filter to, to select it.

Click on the button "Options" in the bottom right-hand corner of the FX menu.

Click on "Customize Filter" to open the Mercalli options window.

Select the options that you want to use to stabilise your video and click on OK.

Your video will now be analysed

When the analysis is complete, the preview for your project will show that the error message no longer appears.

It will not appear in the finished video or disc either.


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