How to retrieve data from a spanned disc set from Toast

To access your files and folders using Mac OS X v10.3 or higher:

  1. Insert any disc from the spanned set into a Macintosh computer. You will see the Roxio Restore application and a folder containing a portion of the data in the disc set.
  2. Launch the Roxio Restore application. You will see a directory of every folder and file in the disc set – in the same order and hierarchy as they were when you recorded the discs.
  3. Browse to the file or folder you want to restore, select the item and click Restore. If the desired file or folder is not on the current disc, the restore software prompts you to insert the correct disc. You can also restore the entire disc set. Toast does not need to be installed on the computer to restore.

Some individual files may exceed the capacity of a single CD or DVD and will be split into multiple files. The restore software automatically joins these split files back together.


To access your files and folders using Mac OS X v10.2 or lower:

  1. Insert any disc from the set into a Macintosh computer. You will see a folder containing a portion of the data in the set.
  2. Open the folder containing the data and drag any file or folder to your hard disk.

You can manually rejoin split files using the "cat" command from the terminal in the Mac OS


How to join a split file using the "cat' command.

  1. Copy all spanned parts from the various discs into the same new folder on your hard disk. For example - if you have a file split into three parts, copy Part1.spanned, Part2.spanned, and Part3.spanned into a new folder on your hard discdisk.
  2. Open Terminal application
  3. Navigate to the folder containing all the parts
  4. Assuming there are three parts as named above type:


cat Part2.spanned Part3.spanned >> Part1.spanned

This appends parts 2 & 3 to part1, so Part1 will then be the complete file.

Extracting a Spanned Set in Windows

  1. Insert the disc in the drive.
  2. Open the disc using Windows Explorer or My computer.
  3. Double click on the RRLauncher icon.
  4. Select the files/folders you want to copy to the computer and click on the restore but-ton.
  5. Choose the location on your system where you want to restore the files/folders and click ok.
  6. A progress indicator will come up displaying the status of the process and at the end click on ok to close the message indicating that the restore was successful.


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    Philip Sandiford

    A .spanned file is a bundle of other files. The Terminal command 'cat' appends files, not directories. How long has Corel been this unhelpful?

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