Studio Launch error - No or invalid product ID

We are seeing a limited number of cases and there are several solutions.

Try the following.

A: The first thing to look for is if you have Kaspersky AntiVirus. If you have this software installed please disable it.

We are looking into the potential problems with this AntiVirus product. We will update this FAQ with further info as we come up with it.

B: If you do not have the Kaspersky AntiVirus on the system follow the steps below.

  • Uninstall all Studio versions on the system.
  • As part of the uninstall Run Regdelete for all products, and for user registration Data.
  • Search your hard drive for all "Pinnacle" and "Pixie" folders and remove them.
  • Download CCleaner from here *
  • Run CCleaner to clean out all temp files from the system.
  • Run it again for all Pinnacle and Pixie entries.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • Close all background apps that might interfere with the install.
  • Install Studio again, this time run the Welcome.EXE file on the Disc or download by right clicking on it and choosing run as Administrator.

If both of these procedures fail please contact support, we will need some specific information to further troubleshoot this problem.

  • CCleaner is a freeware program that can be very useful but has no connection to Pinnacle/Avid and we do not support their product. Please contact them with any problems.


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