Studio 11 and 12 Hardware Compatibility List

Hardware XP Vista 32 bit Vista 64 bit
DV Camcorder - OHCI 1394 Yes Yes Yes
500 USB Yes Yes Yes**
510 USB Yes Yes Yes**
700 USB Yes Yes Yes**
710 USB Yes Yes Yes**
Moviebox Deluxe Yes Yes Yes**
Moviebox DV Yes Yes No
Moviebox USB Yes No No
AV/DV Yes Yes Yes
AV/DV Deluxe 1* Studio 11 ONLY Yes No No
AV/DV Deluxe 2* Yes Yes Yes
500 PCI Yes Yes Yes
700 PCI Yes Yes Yes
DVC 80 Yes No No
DVC 85 Yes Yes No
DVC 90 Yes Yes No
DVC 100 Yes Yes No
DVC 120 Yes No No
DVC 130 Yes Yes No
DVC 150 Yes No No
DVC 150B Yes No No
DVC 170 Yes Yes No
DC10 Yes No No

Note: The AV/DV Deluxe 1 hardware is not supported in Studio 12.

  • AV/DV Deluxe 1 & 2: If the connector closest to the side with the retaining screw on the Studio Deluxe bracket connects to the blue box (bottom connector is the 1394 port), then you have the AV/DV Deluxe 2. If you see you have a reversed bracket layout, in which the side closest to the retaining screw is a 1394 connector (bottom connector is the blue box connector), then you have the older AV/DV Deluxe 1.
  • 64 bit drivers for these devices will be available via a PCLEUSB2 updater download as well as through Windows Update.

Note 1: Pinnacle capture hardware has not been tested extensively under Windows XP 64 bit. We cannot guarantee compatibility or support the hardware in that environment.

Note 2: The PCTV hardware family has not been tested in Studio 11or 12 and therefore is not supported. We recommend capturing video in the application that came with the PCTV hardware then importing the captured files into Studio 11.

Note 3: The AV/DV deluxe 1 has not been tested on Studio 11 or 12 and therefore is not supported. Drivers for supported capture hardware can be found here:

Studio and Dazzle hardware drivers


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