Pinnacle Studio 16 Patch History

Pinnacle Studio 16 Update 16.1 is now available.

The 16.1 service pack is now available and includes over 300 updates and fixes summarized in the list below.

Corel Corporationthe company behind Pinnaclerecommends that you download and install this patch.

Click here to download the 16.1.0 patch

Release Date: 3/11/2013
Who Qualifies: All Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate builds prior to 16.1.

New features, additions or feature enhancements:

  • Added frame advance in timeline or preview window via scroll wheel, in response to popular demand
  • Included Save Movie as Package and Upload to Box options in File Menu
  • File Export options now include Transport Stream (MTS) presets
  • Enhanced Library Navigator for faster, easier browsing through Library items. It can be pinned for permanent view, or collapsed for on-demand use
  • Improved Audio settings display for timeline tracks
  • Improved Timeline tools, notably adding tracks
  • Added Effects settings editing via keyboard
  • Added minor usability improvements in Title Editor via additional timeline tools
  • Added support for new camera models
  • Added support for Intel Onboard GPUs

Fixes and performance optimizations:


  • Fixed additional issues in codec unlock process


  • Added additional stability and performance improvements
  • Improved Install Manager usability and first-time start behavior


  • Fixed 720p timeline export size problems
  • Fixed preview scrubber in Export window
  • Fixed crashes with removable drives
  • Fixed PCM audio problems in File export


  • Fixed Tagging and Filtering issues
  • Fixed issues in Titler thumbnail sizes and color picker
  • Improved Navigation in Compact Library
  • Fixed issues in dual-view preview window
  • Fixed issues with DD 5.1 channel loss and reversal

Please note that this update also includes the following fixes from the Pinnacle Studio 16.0.1 update, summarized below for your reference:


  • Pinnacle branded product
  • Several stability improvements
  • Addressed several user interface issues
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Updated links and manual references
  • Fixed 3rd party plug-in locking issue
  • Improved Trial to Full upgrade behavior
  • Enabled install from USB sticks
  • Fixed several issues in codec unlock process
  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility


  • Many stability and performance improvements
  • Enabled update functionality for Install manager
  • Addressed auto-restart after updates
  • Fixed Premium Pack Vol. 1 and 2 installation
  • Corrected install behavior with discs in drive
  • Full selection for Upgrade installs enabled
  • User guide opens with installed non-Adobe PDF reader
  • Increased flexibility with install locations


  • Fixed frame capture issue with Snapshot tool
  • Fixed HDV capturing on Windows 8
  • Fixed YouTube login issue
  • Improved AVCHD2 (MVC) video stream quality
  • Fixed Blu-ray burning on Windows 8


  • Fixed "time interval" and "time and date" scene detection
  • Improved stability Enhanced Tooltips
  • Corrected Speed effect behavior
  • Fixed silent gaps during audio shuttle


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