How to redownload Pinnacle Studio and additional Studio content which was purchased from Avid

If you purchased Pinnacle/Avid Studio or any additional Studio content from Avid it can be redownloaded. Depending on the content you can get it either from Pinnacle or from Avid. The following content can currently still be found in your Avid account:

  • Bias SoundSoap 2 PE
  • Creative Pack Volume 1
  • Creative Pack Volume 2
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials 1
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials 2
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials 3
  • Scorefitter Volume 1
  • Scorefitter Volume 2

Click here for a link to log into your Avid account

All other products/content should be found in your Pinnacle account here:

Click here for a link to log into your Pinnacle account

How to download from your Pinnacle account

To download content from your Pinnacle account:

  1. Sign in to the Pinnacle account using the same login credentials as your Avid account
  2. Locate the order which contains the desired content and click the order number:


3. Click the download link to begin the download. Note that your serial number is displayed within the order.



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