How to download or re-download your product.

The download / re-download of a product is only applicable to an Electronic Software Download. If you own a box product, there is no need to download / re-download, use the disc provided in the box.

To download or re-download your product, you will need access to the download link found on your Order Confirmation. Your Order Confirmation was emailed to you the day of your purchase or alternatively you can find your Order Confirmation on your Corel account.

To find your Order Confirmation on Your Corel Account :

Go to
Click Sign In at the top right corner
Once you have signed into your Account,
Scroll down to "Your Order Status and History" section and click the link of the Order number corresponding to the product you want to download or re-download.
Your Order Confirmation will display with the link to download / re- download your software.

Clicking on the download link will give you an option to Run or Save the download file. It is always recommended to save the download file to your download folder for easy access.

You can use the browser of your choice to download the product and here are some useful tips:

Downloads can be found in the upper right hand corner of the window that is represented by a green arrow pointing downwards. Clicking on that arrow will reveal the download in a list format. In this example, the download is called PSPX6_PF.exe. (the name of the program followed by a .exe extension). Alternatively, clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Downloadsfrom the list will do the same thing.

Internet Explorer

Download options will appear at the bottom of the screen as a bar with options to chose on what to do with the downloaded file - see example
Alternatively, clicking on the 'Tools menu and selecting View 'Downloads from the list will do the same thing.

Google Chrome
The file name PSPX6_PF.exe appears at the bottom left corner of the browser window which will require a double click on the executable file to run the installation. - see example below.
You can also left-click on the Customize and control Google Chrome icon at the top-right corner of the windows, and select Downloads from the menu


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  • 2
    Rebecca Black

    looking for product not videos.

  • 1
    Rebecca Black

    been here six times now. Working to get a download for the past 8 hours.


  • 0
    Van Herridge

    Same problem here.  I purchased Office X7 but had to wipe my Windows 10 hard drive and start over.  I even would pay to upgrade to X8 but refuse to pay the full price.  Reality, my goal is to just download X7.


  • 0
    Ruthann Hanson

    Same problem, unable to reinstall PaintShopPro9X, which was deleted yesterday in a chat with an agent.  now my new number and password is being rejected again for technical help, which just came in my email 20 minutes ago.  What is going on that there is no real help in Corel anymore.  

  • 0
    Larry Spicer

    How do I load a version of Wordperfect office which came in a box, but onto a Surface pro which does not have a disk drive?


  • 0
    Erwin Perez

    Where is the serial number for my PSPx9 located? Its nowhere to be found on my confirmation email

  • 0
    Derek Jenkins

    10 days now trying to get Corel VideoStudio X10 to download and install..  Just made one final appeal to the support staff.  It would be nice to get some money back but I know that never happens.  I shall just write it off as being scammed and put it down to experience.  Don't trust the electronic downloads, buy the real thing in a box.  Nothing wrong with Corel, it's the downloads.

  • 0

    PSP Xpro9

    Software downloaded online. Have tried to install via both the Corel website and the email sent to me confirming upgrade purchase and neither works.
    Software is downloaded OK, but installation seizes up at 'Please wait while we configure Microsoft NET Framework 4.'  
    I have waited for over an hour on at least 3 occasions and nothing installs. It seizes up at the same point.
    I can't even close the installation page. I have to reboot the PC to clear that page.

    Judging by other comments here, this is not an unusual problem. 


    Poor quality service, Corel!

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