Windows 7 Explorer Preview feature is not working with WordPerfect Office X6

The Windows 7 Explorer Preview feature should be working with WordPerfect Office X6. However, make sure that the Windows 7 Explorer Preview feature is enabled.

To check if Preview feature is enabled, please follow these steps:

(1) Launch Windows 7 Explorer
(2) Click Organize on the Menu tab
(3) Select and click Folder and search options.
(4) The Folder Options dialog box will appear.
(5) Click View tab
(6) On Advance settings, Scroll down and check Show preview handlers in preview pane.
(7) Click Apply. Click OK.

NOTE: If the Preview Pane is not appearing on the Windows 7 Explorer, click on the Show the preview pane icon beside the Get Help (Question Mark) icon to show the Preview Pane.

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