Where to find the KPT collection in PaintShop Pro

Please make sure that you are in Edit mode when using PaintShop Pro.

Open an image and go to Effects - Plugins - KPT Collection and select the desired filter to be used.

In the case that the KPT collection is not listed in Effects - Plugins, please go to Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs (XP)/Programs and Features (Vista/Windows 7) and make sure that

  • Corel KPT Collection (applied with PSPPX3)
  • Corel KPT Collection for PSPX4

are listed.

If the KPT Collection is listed, then go to:

  • PSPPX3: C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel PaintShop Photo Pro\X3\PSPClassic\Languages\EN\PlugIns\
  • PSPX4: C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro X4\Languages\EN\PlugIns\

and check if the "KPT" folder is in "PlugIns".

If you have installed KPT Collection and it is also in your PlugIns folder, then go in PaintShop Pro to File - Preferences - File location. Look for Plugins on the left side and add the KPT Collection manually to the list.

If the KPT Collection is not listed neither in Control Panel nor C:\Program Files, please install it.


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    Norma Cooney

    Can't get these to install.  It says I must install PaintShop Pro X8 before I can install these filters but it is installed.  I don't understand this dumb message.

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    KPT is in the list of installed programs but not in the PSP plugins folder.


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    Madeline Schneider

    When I open a photo on Edit, KTP appears on the Effects & Pluggins list but it is not highlighted (visible), and I can't use any of the effects. What am I doing wrong?

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    Here we are in PSP Pro x9 in a world where 64bit computers are almost the default, and KPT Collection STILL appears to only work on the 32bit install not the 64bit. REALLY? Come on, Corel. These tools are invaluable. I've been using Kai Power Tools since they first began, and I'd like to keep doing so. Please make them compatible with 64-bit systems. NOW.

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    Thomas Grady

    Same problem here as stated by Lorelle. I cannot install KPT.  It tells me I need to install PSP Pro X9 first, but I already have.  I too have the 64 bit version, so this may be the issue.

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    Simon Cunliffe


    I have a small SSD drive for Windows then install all other programmes on my E drive. I have tried installing PSPX9 Corel KPT but it says PSP X9 isn't installed (as it isn't on the C drive, it's on the E drive). Is there a way round this?



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