What file formats are supported by Wilcom DecoStudio e1

Wilcom DecoStudio e1 supports a wide range of embroidery file formats, in addition to the full range of vector, bitmap, publishing and document file formats that are supported by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3.

DecoStudio supports opening and importing stitch file formats to edit and re-use; or to convert a stitch file into vector graphics to use for commercial printing, for example.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 is included in Wilcom DecoStudio e1. For a list of file formats supported by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3,

The following embroidery file formats can be imported to and/ or exported from DecoStudio (in addition to file formats supported by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3):


Extension Format Import/ Open Export/ Save
AMT artista template x  
ART V4.0 artista design file x  
ART42 Explorations project file x  
EMB Wilcom ES design file (up to ES 2006) x x
CND Melco condensed file x x
PCH Gunold APS x  
10O Toyota x x
ARX artista cross stitch files x  
BRO Bits & Volts x  
CSD POEM/Singer/Huskygram x x
DSB Barudan x x
DST Tajima x x
DSZ ZSKTajima machine format x x
EMX Wilcom Cross Stitch x  
EXP Melco x x
HUS Husqvarna/Viking x x
INB Inbro Files x x
JEF Janome/Elna/Kenmore format (V1.0) x x
KSM Pfaff x x
PCD Pfaff x x
PCQ Pfaff x x
PCS Pfaff x x
PEC Deco, Brother, Babylock x x
PES Deco, Brother, Babylock x x
PMU Proel x  
PUM Proel DOS x  


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