How to resize an image using pixel dimension or percentage

Resizing an image is crucial to the output of many projects such as printing, emailing or posting to a website. The instructions below will take you through an easy step by step process on how to resize images in Corel's PaintShop Pro by pixel dimension or percentage.

From the Full Editor / Edit Mode:

  1. Click on Image in the Menu bar
  2. Select Resize from the drop down menu. The Resize dialog box appears.
  3. Mark the Advanced Settings check box to display the additional Resize settings.
  4. Mark the Resample Using check box, and select a resampling method from the drop-list. The Bicubic method usually produces the best results, although it is also the slowest method.
  5. From the drop-list in the Pixel Dimensions group box, choose either Pixels or Percent (to resize as a percentage of the original), and then type a set of values in the Width and Height controls.
  6. Click OK

It is recommended that you constrain the new image dimensions to the images current proportions by marking theLock Aspect Ratio check box. Changing the aspect ratio distorts the image by stretching or contracting it in one dimension more than the other. In the Print Size and Pixel Dimensions group boxes, a lock icon appears next to the Width and Height controls when the Lock Aspect Ratio check box is marked. Changing the setting of one of these controls automatically changes the setting of the other control.

You can preserve the images current print size by marking the Maintain Original Print size check box. When this check box is marked, a lock icon appears next to the Resolution control and the Width and Height controls in the Pixel Dimensions group box.


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