Adding Text to Your Video in MovieFactory 7

Adding Text to Your Video in MovieFactory 7

Corel DVD MovieFactory 7 lets you add impressive menus and burn DVDs containing your favorite photographs and videos. This program will also enable you to customize your project according to your preference. Adding text to your video is just one of the magnificent and useful features of Movie Factory 7. And you can achieve this in few, easy steps.

To insert text on your video:

1. Click Edit Room and select Text tab

2. Move the Jog Slider to the point where you want the text to be added.

3. Double-click the Preview Window to insert/enter the text.

4. Specify your desired Text Duration then select your preferred font attributes (type, color, size) and other properties.

5. Use the playback controls to preview your work.

If you need to edit your text, you just have to double-click on it (either on the Preview Window or the Timeline) and modify it just the way how you modify text in word processor.

6. Go over steps 1 to 4 if you want to add more text.


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