Boris Graffiti 5 4 in Trial Mode

Problem: Boris Graffiti 5.4 Plug-in Filter Starts Up as a Trial.

Details: When previous versions of VideoStudio and Boris Graffiti are already installed on the computer, Sometimes the Boris Graffiti that comes with VideoStudio X5 will appear as a trial version and ask for registration.

Solution: To correct the issue, you need to remove the Boris Graffiti plug-in for Corel using the Windows Control Panel and reinstall the Boris Graffiti 5.4 plug-in that comes with the VideoStudio X5 Ultimate Bonus Content. Once the old version has been removed and a fresh copy of the new Boris Graffiti has been installed, the trial and registration prompts will no longer appear.

Note: This may require that you reinstall (Modify) the Boris Graffiti 5.3.6 that comes with VideoStudio X4 if you wish to use the filter in that version of VideoStudio. You may receive a prompt from Windows asking if the installation was performed correctly which you will need to confirm that the installation was performed correctly.

Keywords: grafitti, videostudio pro x5, boris


Boris in trial_cropped.png


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