Brush Calibration Bonus Tip!

Painter 12 - Brush Calibration - Bonus tip!

Some feedback from my last post made me think of an additional "hidden" control that allows to fine tune how velocity behaves on individual brushes.

If you find that you want more control over what Painter "thinks" is fast or slow, this control could be useful for you. In most case, you should not need to use this, but it is available just in case.

Painter brushes are defined by XML files. These XML files contain all the settings that you can apply to a brush. Most of the settings are exposed through the brush control panels. However, there are a few brush settings which you can't really control, unless you edit the XML file directly. This is why I said that this control is "hidden", because you can't change it through the interface, you can only change it by modifying the XML file for the brush.

In this case, the one setting I wanted to mention is called: "velocity-bias". If you open the XML of my

The default value for all brushes is 1.0, however, you can manually change this. For example, if you increase velocity-bias to 2.0, you will see that Painter expects more velocity out of you in order to create the same stroke. If instead, you set velocity-bias to 0.5, you will be able to create the same stroke using much less speed.

Keep in mind that every time you change the XML, you will need to reload the brush by pressing the "brush reset" button on the property bar:

I would recommend to used the exposed controls in the Brush Calibration panel first, and to only use this trick if you find you can't get the velocity effect you are looking for.


Also, I was asked what each of the sliders "mean" in the Brush Calibration panel. Here is a description that I came up with:

-Velocity Scale is essentially tied to what Painter expects your maximum speed to be.

-Velocity Power is what Painter expects your typical range of velocities to be.

-Similarily, Pressure Scale is tied to your maximum pressure.

-And Pressure Power is tied to the range of pressure you typically use with your stylus.


If you have additional feedback or questions on Brush Calibration in Painter 12, let me know emoticon




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