Brush Search in Painter - Part 1

Brush Search in X3

As you may have heard, new in X3 is a brush search tool.

I personally think that brush search combined with an expressive stroke preview is is great way to discover (or perhaps rediscover forgotten) brushes in Painter. I know I often go back to brushes I am familiar with in my day to day work.

So the question is… what can Brush Search look for?

The most obvious searches are queries that use variant names or categories.

For example, if I remember using a brush that had the word "Bleach" in the name… but I can't find it (or don't want to spend time looking for it)…

I simply type the word Bleach and the results come back:

I can also combine words together. For instance, I can combine a words from the variant name with words from the category name.

For example, I type Bleach and Watercolor.

Here are the results:

Now that I have found my brushes, I don't want to keep searching for it. I can create a custom palette with those variants.

I simply shift-drag from the search results and it creates a custom palette!

Ok… but what else can be searched besides names and categories?

In X3 you can search for words, or word combinations of the content listed below.

Combinations is when you use more than one word to create a more complex query.

You can combine a word from the Dab Type with a word from the Variant Name for example (e.g. Captured Watercolor).



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