Brush Search in Painter - Part 2

Searchable content in X3:


-Variant Names

-Variant Categories


Dab Type:



-Static Bristle



-Camel Hair


-Palette Knife

-Bristle Spray


-Pixel Airbrush

-Line Airbrush



-Liquid Ink Camel Hair

-Liquid Ink Flat

-Liquid Ink Palette Knife

-Liquid Ink Bristle Spray

-Liquid Ink Airbrush

-Watercolor Camel Hair

-Watercolor Flat

-Watercolor Palette Knife

-Watercolor Bristle Spray

-Watercolor Airbrush

-Blend Camel Hair

-Blend Flat

-Artists' Oils

-Computed Circular


Stroke Type:













-Digital Wet







-Gradient Repeat


-Pattern With Mask

-Pattern As Opacity



-Soft Buildup

-Grainy Soft Buildup

-Grainy Edge Flat Buildup

-Grainy Hard Buildup

-Soft Variable Buildup

-Flat Cover

-Soft Cover

-Grainy Flat Cover

-Grainy Soft Cover

-Grainy Edge Flat Cover

-Grainy Hard Cover

-Soft Paper Color

-Soft Paint Remover

-Soft Paint Thickener

-Soft Alpha Colorize

-Soft Grain Colorize


-Hard Drip

-Grainy Drip

-Grainy Hard Drip

-Hard Cover Cloning

-Soft Cover Cloning

-Grainy Hard Cover Cloning

-Grainy Soft Cover Cloning

-Drip Cloning

-Grainy Wet Abrasive

-Grainy Wet Buildup

-Wet Remove Density

-Real Wet Buildup

-Real Wet Cover

-Real Wet Replace

-Real Dry Buildup

-Real Dry Cover

-Real Wet Oil

-Grainy Digital Wet Abrasive

-Grainy Digital Wet Buildup

-Digital Wet Remove Density

-Grainy Marker Abrasive

-Grainy Marker Soft Cover



-Glow Brush

-Graphic Print Brush

-Overlay Brush

-Hue Brush

-Hue Add Brush

-Hue Sat Brush

-Sat Add Brush

-Val Add Brush

-Val Add Sat Sub Brush

-Bulge Brush

-Deep Well Brush

-Diffuse Motion Brush

-Diffuse Pull Brush

-Horizontal Crease Brush

-Left Twirl Brush

-Liquid Brush

-Pinch Brush

-Right Twirl Brush

-Simple Diffuse Brush

-Vertical Crease Brush

-Add Grain Brush

-Blur Brush

-Comb Brush

-Relief Brush

-Sharpen Brush

-Confusion Brush

-Scratch Remover Brush


Is there anything else that Brush Search can look for?

Yes, there is more! emoticon


In X3 we also included the ability to search for some basic brush capabilities.

Here is a summary of the brush capabilities you can currently search for:



search for brushes that have the RealBristle option turned ON.

(Note this will NOT return brushes that can make use of RealBristle, only those brushes that are set to currently make use of it).


Stroke Attributes:

search for brushes that currently have "Use Strokes Attributes" turned ON.



search for brushes that will make use of paper texture.


Flow Map:

search for brushes currently making use a flow map texture.


Clone Color:

search for brushes that currently are set to cloning. (Either a cloning method or the clone color option on the color wheel or cloning palette).


Hard Media:

search for brushes making use of the Hard Media technology



search for brushes using impasto



search for brushes using any of the jitter brush settings (opacity, radius, grain, stroke etc.)


Finally, you search for brushes using any of the following expressions:














Anything else?



You can also search by brush version.

In the future, brushes will be versioned so that we can search for brushes that were created in specific version of Painter.


For example, in X3 you can search for "X3" or "13" and the results will show brushes that were created for the release of Painter X3.


Here is a search query that combines several words:

"X3 Jitter Captured Impasto Grain"


The results will only include brushes created (or updated for X3), that make use of Jitter, Impasto and Grain and that use the "Captured" dab type.


As you see, you can combine words together to create very specific results.


So a good question is what would YOU like search for?


Some ideas to get the ball rolling:


-Stylus capabilities like "6D"?

-Descriptive words like "Oily" or "Abstract" EVEN if those words are NOT in the brush name?

-Synonyms ("Grain"vs "Paper Texture" vs "Canvas Texture")

-Incorrectly spelled words: ("RealBristle" vs "Real Bristle" vs "RealBritsle")


All ideas are welcome!

Happy painting … and searching in X3!



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