Burning and Exporting in Video Studio

Welcome to this tutorial on Burning and Exporting your VideoStudio Project.

Now that you have completed a project in VideoStudio, it's time to share it with family, friends, coworkers, and the rest of the world! You have a variety of options to choose from, so let’s go over some common formats that you can use every day.

First, open your project and navigate to the Share workspace.

You'll notice that the workspace is divided up into sections.

Navigate to this section if your video is going to be used on the computer, uploaded to a web site or transfered to a tablet or mobile device at a later time because here, you can export an MPEG-4 file.

The MPEG-4 option will be your best choice because these files are relatively small in size but they don't sacrifice much quality.


For users of Video Studio X7, MPEG4 is selected by default; if you're using an older version of the software you will need to select it from a drop down list of file types.

When you're ready to render the project, click the start button, sit back and let VideoStudio do the work.

If you're burning a DVD or Blu Ray disc, you have a few more steps to accomplish. So to start burning a disc, navigate to the Disc icon to the left of the options.


If you have a blank DVD or Blu Ray Disc in the computer and a drive capable of burning a DVD or BluRay disc, you will be able to create your disc right in Video Studio. In this example, I will select DVD.


First, the DVD creating options will appear on your screen. You’ll be allowed to customize your DVD with a menu, chapters and other features. We will go into more detail on chapters and menus in later tutorials.



After navigating through the wizard, click the Burn button. Depending on the system you're using, the disc will likely be ejected from the drive once the burning is complete.

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